Network Of Friends - Buch (english Version, Softcover)

Network Of Friends - Buch (english Version, Softcover)
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Network Of Friends Book in a expanded and revised edition with around 40 new interviews. More than 400 pages with new photos and completely reworked discography. The european hardcore punk scene emerged in the early 80s. At a time when the protagonists in the north american scene disappeared, the western european scene evolved into an unique scene. The ideology was influenced by english polit-punk from the late 70s and was fired by the current american Hardcore Punk with its powerful music and positive attitude. The author has tracked down a lot of people who co-initiated the scene and some of them are still an active part, to chronicle their stories in an - of course subjective - fashion through statements and interviews. Without the pioneering work of these people and the associated network of like-minded people in Europe today's scene would be unthinkable. The result is an authentic document that sheds light on the beginnings of hardcore punk in Europe. It illustrates that the scene described here has little to do with current state of hardcore. The scene was politically aware, alternatively, integer, active, messy - and full of life.This energy is documented in this book by the numerous photos of bands and their audience, book is written in english language.

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